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Fresh Smell of Finnish Spring Time

Finland in spring is a delightful sight, as the country emerges from its winter slumber. As the snow melts away, vibrant landscapes awaken with the blooming of flowers and the return of greenery. The days grow longer, providing ample opportunities to explore the picturesque forests, lakes, and coastal regions. Spring is also the time for unique cultural celebrations like Vappu, the Finnish May Day, filled with joyous festivities and local traditions. With milder temperatures and an abundance of natural beauty, Finland in spring offers a rejuvenating experience for visitors and locals alike.

Finland has a variety of colorful flowers and many of which are growing naturally in the woods or in the uninhabited places you can see while walking or driving. These photos are taken while we were driving to the summer house.

Some of these flowers are considered weeds by many but in my opinion they are naturally very beautiful adding value to the surroundings especially on summer time where things become colorful changing the white snowy ambiance into an inviting natural landscape.

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