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This red berry is called Red Currant – a common sight to see in the yards more than the wilderness. It is a member of the genus Ribes in the gooseberry family, native in Europe.

In Finland, this bush is not much of an appeal than the wild blueberries however this shiny red berries make refreshing juice which can be done at home. In Finland, it is common for people to make home made juice from this bush with the aid of a juicer which is available in many home and living stores.

How to Make Fresh Juice from Fresh Red Currant

Making your own fresh home made juice is as simple as boiling water. All you need to do is harvest your berries on the day you plan to make the juice if you want optimum result. Just rinse the berries after the harvest and put them inside this pot and let boil until the juice starts flowing out through the tiny hose attached to it. We used a slow juicer by boiling the berries in this kind of pot shown below. It takes a while to collect the juice but its worth the wait. Chill or freeze the juice after cooling in a sterilized plastic or bottle containers. You can dilute in water as you wish when you want to serve later on.

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