Kieko is a lifestyle and language learning blog. We wish to offer you insights into the Finnish and Filipino culture through language learning and cultural immersion through various activities and language courses.

Hey there, Seppo here.

I’m a vocational teacher and entrepreneur on certain days.

Off duty, I spend time farming, fishing or doing technical jobs and beekeeping is as interesting as my previous powerlifting and gym sports activities.

Contact me if you wanna work with us through our contact page.

Hi, I’m Marie

I’m a Filipino teacher. My professional background is in teaching languages- General English and Tagalog language to non-native speakers. I coach IELTS Test preparation for many years as well. I have taught in a local university in the Philippines and was a former manager of a language training company in Makati.

Currently, I spend time learning Finnish culture through its various activities like farming, beekeeping, berry picking, mushroom hunting and the likes. Join me in these activities and we’ll surely learn something together.

We hope to share the Finnish and Filipino culture through language and experiences that you can try with us.


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