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Dialects in the the Philippines

Tagalog is one of the main languages spoken in the Philippines.

In the Philippines aside from Tagalog, there are 8 major dialects spoken. However, with Tagalog language, you can easily survive roaming around the country.


1.Metro Manila, Region IV A Tagalog
2..Visayas, Cebu Bisaya, Cebuano
3,Western Visayas, Iloilo Ilonggo/Hiligaynon
4.Northern Luzon, Ilocos Ilocano
5.Pampanga Kapampangan
6.Pangasinan Pangasinense
7 .Bicol Bicolano

Each dialect in the Philippines has its own structure and they differ in the way they are pronounced, written or spoken. We can therefore conclude that a person coming from another city may not speak the same dialect as the moved in city and therefore cannot understand each other. However, the languages that binds the people together is Tagalog and English, the latter being widely spoken especially in schools as it is the medium of instruction.

The Tagalog language or Filipino as we say in the Philippines, is not difficult to acquire since you can easily find English words in between the sentences in most times in the conversation.

To get to know more the language, lets begin with the example below:

How to Make a Sentence?

Each sentence is composed of a subject and a predicate. In the picture given, the subject is the APPLE and RED is the predicate. In this basic sentence, you can write the Tagalog sentence in the same format but change the noun into its Tagalog equivalent. Therefore,

Ang (the) mansanas (apple) ay (is) pula (red).

With reference above, look the picture and describe it in the sentence format given above.

The first example is given: Ang beach ay maganda (beautiful).

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