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Fruit names in Tagalog

What to say when you want to buy fruits in the Philippines.

I want to buy_______

How much is a kilo of ______?

How much is one piece of_____?

Here is the payment.

Pabili po ng _________.

Magkano ang isang kilo ng______?

Magkano ang isang piraso ng_____?

Eto po ang bayad.

Possible answers of the seller

” 200 pesos lang.”

“Mura lang” “200” ( mura lang means it is cheap only)

“Bili na po kayo” (buy now please).

“Magkano po ang tawad nyo?” ( How much discount do you want?)


Asking for discount in the Philippines is a very common trait of buyers. Unfortunately, when you are non-local, they might raise the price so they can get the jackpot, but you can always say you know how much is the market price from others. Sellers are happy to sell to foreigners and happier if you buy from them. You can always say you already have the item if you wish not to buy.

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