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What’s in the Philippines?

Philippines is one of the countries in Asia. It consists of three major islands namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each major island has something special to offer. In Luzon for instance, there are many historical places to visit dated back in the Spanish colonization. Mindanao also known as the land of promise is endowed with rich biodiversity and fertile soil and is not frequently hit by typhoon. Visayas is blessed with beautiful mountains and beaches in addition to high spirited and lively people. Iloilo for example is known as the “city of love” and Bacolod city being “the city of smile” the names explain it all. Cebu city in the Visayas is the 2nd biggest city in the country with a booming economy.

There are certain events every time of the year in every in different places in the Philippines. Towards the summer time, beginning the year happens in most cities in the Visayas region the festivals where street dancing and ethnic dances are celebrated as a religious event but very popular street dancing competition. The festivals are named “dinagyang” “ati-atihan” or “maskara” to name a few.

Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions are represented by the 3 stars in the Philippine Flag.

Few words and phrases to know when in the Philippines. Note that welcome is always said welcome, rarely in an introduction.

What are the things to consider when traveling to the Philippines?

1.Learn local words and phrases.

2. Consider the budget.

3.Ignore local foods.

4.Be open minded about the different cultures and languages used.

5.Make a plan first.

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