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The Finnish Alphabet

The Finnish alphabet is composed of 29 letters, 8 of which are the vowels – a, e, i, o, u, å, ä, ö similar to the English vowels with the exception of the last 3 which makes you can often see, hear and read in the Finnish written and spoken language. Since they are not familiar, it is always a good thing to learn how to pronounce the letters the right way in the beginning of your language acquisition.

Letter Pronunciation
a [a:]
b [be:]
c [se:]
d [de:]
e [e:]
f [æf]
g [ge:]
h [ho:]
i [i:]
j [ji:]
k [ko:]
l [æl]
m [æm]
n [æn]
o [o:]
p [pe:]
q [ku:]
r [ær]
s [æs]
t [te:]
u [u:]
v [ve:]
w [ve:], [kaksoisve:]
x [æks]
y [y:]
z [tset]
å [o:], [ruotsalainen o:]
ä [æ:]
ö [ø:]

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