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What is IELTS?

IELTS better known as the International English Language Testing System is a test of English language pertaining to your ability to communicate in writing and spoken English. The test is a requirement for students, professionals, migrants and workers when moving to a new country where English is the official language. Nowadays even in countries where English is a second language require students, migrants and workers to have a working ability of English language as it is used mostly as a medium of instruction in higher universities and in the workplace where people are coming from different countries speaking different languages, thus English is a common language.

Many countries require IELTS from foreign people entering the country particularly USA, Australia, UK and other English speaking countries. IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council; IDP IELTS; and Cambridge University Press & Assessment who offers the exam in many countries around the world. You can take a computer based test ( CBT) or the traditional paper and pen in any IDP or British Council offices around the world. The cost of the exam is around USD300. Many language training companies offer IELTS review to students prior to taking the test. There are two modules of IELTS Exam, the General Training module and the Academic Module each has a different purpose, so be sure to know which one you need prior to taking the test.

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